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Name: Michelle Sexton
Position at Coffee Hound: Administrative Director
Random Facts: Has been in a Gerber commercial, is a twin, has been the Pink Ranger multiple times for Halloween.

While many of you may recognize those behind the counter, preparing your drinks at the Coffee Hound, not many would recognize Michelle. Michelle is one of the people who keep Coffee Hound running behind the scenes as our Administrative Director, Fundraising Coordinator, and general Jill of All Trades. As our business grows and changes shape into a coffee powerhouse, Michelle has become a vital member of our team, but, since she’s a basement dweller, we figured that we should introduce her to you first.

Michelle has been with Coffee Hound since December of 2009, after being recommended by former barista Corey. She came to us with a background in office management and April knew that she would be most useful doing the business side of the Coffee Hound. And although Michelle says that the flexibility of her schedule, the people and the fact that Coffee Hound “doesn’t really feel like a work environment”, Michelle does more for our company than even her coworkers would realize. If there is a flyer, Michelle most likely designed it or if you have a question about fundraising, Michelle will be the one to respond. But this Hound girl is not just an employee of the Coffee Hound.

Michelle, who lives with her husband Gary and their English Bulldog Toby, has a whole life outside of the Coffee Hound, as do most employees here. She is a student at Illinois State, majoring in Early Childhood Education and is very active at Elevate Church in Morton, IL. She was recently married to Gary Sexton in October of last year in Florida, and she says that when she graduates she plans on eventually moving to the East Coast to become a kindergarten teacher. Michelle is also a favorite of Coffee Hound employees because of her ever-present smile and ability to fix whatever problem we run into.