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Late last year we at the Coffee Hound introduced two new coffees, one from Sulawesi, the other from Papua New Guinea. For those who have not yet tried these two new flavors, here is what you need to know!

Our new Sulawesi from the isle’s Tana Jora region is not your average Pacific island coffee. Held to time-tested industry standards in terms of selective picking, storage, transportation, moisture, and processing, you will know there is something special about this coffee from the moment you open the bag and view the uniformity of these meticulously sorted, plump, beautiful beans. Good to look at, even better to taste, this coffee possesses a clean, syrupy, sweet body, a lively, but well balanced, acidity, and a floral, tart flavor combined with the taste of fruit, berries, and vanilla.

Papua New Guinea
Papua New Guinea is a nation of diverse people and languages, and therefore it comes as no surprise that its coffees exhibit such variety as well. The Kunjin region, from which our beans are imported, is one comprised of local holders, subsistence farmers, locally thought of as “coffee gardeners”, trying to elevate their region through the growth and production of a high quality product, one you will surely appreciate with your first sip as you delight in its well-balanced taste of toffee, caramel, and lemon.