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Today I wanted to go over an AeroPress tutorial for those at home. I don’t know how many of you have an AeroPress, but I find them useful for when you want to make one quick, full-bodied cup of coffee for yourself or a friend. Additionally, an AeroPress is virtually indestructible so they’re pretty useful for when you’re out camping or anywhere where they might get dinged around.

There’s lots of ways that people brew an AeroPress from traditional to non-traditional. If you go online you can read and explore all different kinds of methods. Today though, we’re going to go over the 2015 AeroPress champion’s recipe which is just one you can start with and modify however you like.

To begin, we’re going to start with 20g of coffee. That’s a little bit higher of a dose than most recipes you see which are usually 16-18g, making this is a bit of an upper dose. When we grind our coffee, we’re going to make it little bit coarser than some AeroPress methods before adding it to our AeroPress.

Once we’ve added our coffee, we will take our water, heated to about 185*, and give our AeroPress filter a little rinse before blooming our coffee. After allowing it to bloom for about 15 seconds, we will agitate our slurry and kind of stir it around prior to pouring the rest of our water.

Finally, when we go to press our AeroPress down, we’re going to go very slow, pressing evenly while aiming for a brew time of about a minute and a half total.

The result of this full immersion brew is a drink that’s going to have a little heavier body than maybe a drip without the sediment you get with a French Press.

Hope you like it.


And, for more info on making your AeroPress, please checkout the video below.